Code for Anchorage

Hack Night

August 9th, 5:30 PM at The Boardroom.

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Donate - Code for Anchorage is a volunteer non-profit group under 501c3 Code for America and relies on donations to pay for food and beverages at meetings, software and hosting, and for marketing. With those resources our volunteers work on projects that help make Anchorage an easier and better city to live in. Please consider making a tax dedecutible donation.

CFA Summit Demos

100 years of Anchorage Muni Property by Decade Built Meetup

AK Balance via SMS use EBT# 5076950013619295

mRelief SNAP Pre-Screener demo video

Web version of Realtime Bus SMS or text About to 1-907-312-2060

Knight Foundation Anchorage Library and Code for Anchorage project

SBA Startup in a Day grant.

Drop by a Hack Night.

See what it's all about. No tech skills? Don't sweat it, we welcome people with ideas.


A safe-space for everyone.

Our Projects.

We are working on trail, transit, and texting apps. Have an idea for a civic project? Stop by one of our bi-weekly hack nights and share it.

Current and past projects

Governement Partners

We are lucky to work with the Muni People Mover group on transit related apps. Former Muni CIO, Lance Ahern is a frequent Code for Anchorage attendee, advocate and valuable partner. We recenlty started working with the AK DHSS on SNAP related projects and other potential projects.

Community Partners

We are lucky to work with the Food Bank of Alaska on SNAP related projects, like Balance. We have also beek lucky to work with the Anchorage Parks Foundation and Single Track Advocates on trail data projects.


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